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Patricia Saint James Bio

 She Walks in Beauty



     Patricia Saint James, has always had hopes, dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Realizing that perseverance, determination and faith in God is the key to success,  Ms. Saint James diligently created an excellent foundation to manifest her dreams.

    Achieving degrees in Business Administration, Corporate Management, and Certifications from Columbia School of Broadcasting and Cosmetology. Patricia has a well rounded background to support her dream. She has hosted and been the Mistress of Ceremony for numerous charity events, created and produced successful Fashion and Beauty shows, benefits and fundraisers.

    Being a strong supporter of community service organizations, Patricia created and currently manages programs that enhance the lives of children and their families. She is an important member on the Board of Directors of CAL-PAC, which provides 4 year scholarships allowing graduates to attend the university of their choice. An Affiliate member of PV Juniors Women's Club, which they have a PV Jr's Kids Club. There mission is to give our children opportunities to help and to develop a sense of compassion for those who are less fortunate in our local community. Organizations such as The Rainbow Services, Inc., Exceptional Children's Foundation, Los Angeles Challenge and New Life Advocacy.

As a political activist, Patricia has made several trips to the White House, meeting Former President Reagan, and former President George Bush Sr. and Vice-President Dan Quayle and Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco. She was also honored by the late Mayor Tom Bradley for her support as his spokesperson for numerous fundraisers. She received a Certificates of Resolution from the City of Los Angeles and the Mayor's Certificates of Appreciation. Ms. Saint James has addressed local businesses universities, benefits and conferences, receiving many prestigious awards.

    Patricia is also a Mother, Model, Actress and Associate Producer for Shocast Entertainment and the Founder and CEO of her personal opulent line of beauty and skin care products......Saint James Cosmetics, Inc., a dream that became reality. Patricia Saint James' charismatic divine spirit and love for the Lord exudes a very positive energy about her life,
The phase “she walks in beauty.....”embodies her essence and image, you can feel her motivational enthusiasm, the warmth of her smile, her dedication to purpose, and her sincerity, service and love for people that she lovely shares with the world.

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